Treatment Options-Arms

Crepy Skin


Laser phototherapy (Microgenesis):
A quick freshen up to tighten the outmost skin surface helping with fine lines and skin laxity, works best on the neck, décolleté and arms. Most skin types are a candidate. No downtime.

A combination of dermal filler and a biostimulator. This combo gives you both immediate results with volume,  followed by long term collagen and elastin production. We utilize Radiesse in two ways, first to mimic deep bony structure for cheeks and jawline contouring and second, we dilute the product to place just under the skin of the face/ neck for fines lines, crepy , loose sagging skin. The biostimulatory quality greatly improves the skin with collagen and elastin production. There is no downtime to this procedure, however, bruising and swelling is always a risk when needles are placed into the skin.

Radio Frequency (RF)  microneedling. Using both pulsed wave and continuous wave RF heat to stimulate collagen production. This collagen works to improve pore size, signs of aging, skin laxity, pigmentation, acne, & skin tone and texture. After the procedure you have multiple small channels in the skin, we then pour stem cell derived exosomes over the treated area, which provides nutrients for cellular growth.  There is no downtime time to this procedure. Works great  for face, neck, chest and hands, but can be used on any part of the body to address stretch marks, scars and skin laxity.



Laser phototherapy Limelight:
This laser is actually a light therapy, used to treat brown spots (sun damage) as well as red spots. Not every skin type is a candidate, and must be assessed individually for candidacy. This is a no downtime laser.


hair removal

Laser Hair Removal:
A series of 6-10 treatments using a laser to achieve 95% semi permanent reduction in hair. There is no downtime to this laser.