Treatment Options-Buttocks


A combination of dermal filler and a biostimulator. This combo gives you both immediate results with volume,  followed by long term collagen and elastin production. We utilize Radiesse in two ways, first to mimic deep bony structure for cheeks and jawline contouring and second, we dilute the product to place just under the skin of the face/ neck for fines lines, crepy , loose sagging skin. The biostimulatory quality greatly improves the skin with collagen and elastin production. There is no downtime to this procedure, however, bruising and swelling is always a risk when needles are placed into the skin.


Sculptra a biostimulator, meaning that it stimulates your body to grow its own collagen. It helps create volume where your volume has been lost or in places you just want a little more. It is a more natural, slow transformation than filler, for example, as you will have immediate volume when filler is placed, that volume will settle down and you will grow your own volume creating collagen over approximately 3 months. It is great for someone who wants a subtle transformation and no one knowing they had anything “done”, but they just start to look more refreshed. It can be placed all over the face, neck, hands and buttocks (for the hip/ dip).